2. CNC Machining centre  
Types of Machining centres machines, construction and application, Co-ordinate system, axes movements and its direction
    2 .   OPERATION OF THE MACHINE ( Virtual )  
Machine parts identification
Precaution to be taken while operating the machine
Work piece loading, tool loading
Familiarization of Machine Operating Panel
What is Machine reference point
Work co-ordinate system setting
Tool compensation
Program checking
Importance of Dry run
How to achive the required accuracy
How to maintain the machine at operator level which certainly
reduces the break down time of the machine.
Finally discipline to be maintained at work place.
      3 .  OPERATION of the CNC control( Virtual )          4 .   Programming  
Familiarisation of cnc control panel and key board
Familiarisation of pages on the display unit
Program entry, editing, deleting etc
Tool compensation entry
Cycle start
Co-ordinate system: Absolute, incremental and polar
G M S T codes
Programming Format
Linear, Circular, Arc, chamfering, corner radius
Work offset, Tool offset
Plane selection
Face milling, Contour milling
Slots and pockets
Mirror, co-ordinate shift, Dwell
Drilling, Peck drilling, Reaming, Boring, Enlarging Holes
(Counter sinking, Counter boring, Spot facing )
Multi depth drilling, Tapping, Hole pattern
Fixed Cycles :
Drilling: G81, G82, G83, G73
Tapping: G84, G74
Boring: G85, G86, G87, G88, G89, G76
Rigid Tapping
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