3. CNC Wire EDM  
  1 . CNC Lathe Basics
EDM Process
Machine construction
     2 .  OPERATION OF THE MACHINE ( Virtual )
Axes movements
Wire threading
Wire feed, wire tension, Flushing setting
Wire alignment
EDM Parameter setting:- On time, Off time, Pulse, Servo, cutting speed, conductivity Etc.
Work piece loading and dialling
Sparking and measuring the spark gap
Verification of program, Graphic verification
Hole cantering, Edge finding
Initial flushing adjustment
Executing the program
Finally discipline to be maintained at work place.
Techniques in removing the scrap
Maintenance of the machine to achieve the good accuracy and cutting speed.
Multi cut techniques
     3 .   OPERATION of the CNC control( Virtual )            4 . Programming  
Familiarization of key board, remote control box and different pages on the CRT screen.
Program loading
Graphic setting
Parameter setting
Wire compensation setting
Setting parameters for multi cut
Taper program and setting on the cnc
Mirror, axis change settings
Creation of 2D program path of the profile
Fixing the start point depending on the Punch or Die
Taper programming
Multi cut programming
Pip removal Techniques
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